#andshecycles is a national campaign aiming to address the barriers faced by teenage girls and young women when cycling. The campaign is inspired by and is working in collaboration with the Green schools Ireland campaign of the same name.

The campaign has been co-developed by a group of young women (age 13-18) across Scotland from 14 different schools, youth groups and colleges. Through a series of interactive workshops these young people identified the main barriers preventing them from choosing to cycle and developed action plans which aimed to address these barriers

Funding and support was provided by Sustrans IBike to bring some of the girls action plans to life and resulted in the purchase of bikes and lockers, led ride (girls only) groups and training/confidence sessions.

These initial campaign working groups also helped to shape the development of our #andshecycles campaign video, tiktok and Instagram pages. The social media accounts will be managed by the young women ambassadors themselves and will encourage discussion, encouragement and information sharing.

How can Young women get involved?

We are encouraging groups of young women to work together to help get more girls in their school, college or youth group back on their bikes!

Like, Share and follow our Instagram page @and_she_cycles. This online movement aims to build a community for young women who are interested in cycling. We want to share inspiring pictures, stories and tips for followers and encourage more girls to try cycling for local journeys and fun!

Tag #andshecycles into your everyday adventures on a bike whether it’s just you or with friends

Find out if your school could be Cycling Friendly and eligible for Cycling Friendly Award funding

Ask a teacher or group leader to run #andshecycles group sessions – we can provide all the materials and information you need to get started

Sign up to be part of the #andshecycles social media team- email andshecycles@sustrans.org.uk to get involved!

Sign up to our meet-up events to share ideas with other girls and young women interested in cycling

How can teachers and youth leaders get involved?

We have developed a 3 part interactive workshop for teachers and youth group leaders to help guide teenage girls and young women to shape and influence their own local #andshecycles campaign and develop their own action plans

These sessions are aimed to be inclusive of trans and intersex women and girls, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of young women.

The sessions will aim to explore the cycling experience of the group, address the barriers and attitudes towards cycling amongst their peers and create a group action plan to help address the gender gap in cycling.

Download the workshop resource pack here:

Bringing your #andshecycles action plans to life!

We have support, advice, equipment and funding available for groups of young women such as guide groups, school groups and youth groups to be able to develop and implement the ideas of their action plans. Up to £2000 per group could be available to help purchase things such as bikes, lockers, training or helmets.

To apply for the #andshecycles fund please send your completed action plan (page 9-10 of the #andshecycles workshop guide document) to andshecycles@sustrans.org.uk and someone will be in touch to discuss further your application.