2. Admin tips


Project admin is a necessary and in many cases vital part of your role helping to ensure everything runs smoothly, schools know when to expect you for sessions, funders know what they are paying for and sharing the successes and challenges across internal teams some of which may get used by RMU (Research and Monitoring Unit) when compiling our I Bike Annual report.

What do you need to know?

Across Sustrans and I Bike we utilise a variety of platforms and systems for delivering our work, some of these are not very user-friendly and take time to understand their quirks. As a team, we are always evaluating the project and looking at ways to streamline these processes making it easier and less time consuming for officers, unfortunately, some programmes, policy and procedure are set centrally so are outside of our control.

In an attempt to help plan admin time for your project, we have divided the admin tasks by their respective frequencies. Helen made a list of tasks – file is here

Below is a brief summary of the key platforms we use, a full list and further details can be found in the respective handbooks sections.

Outlook – For all emails, calendars and contacts (main programme is installed on your laptop, also available as WebMail)

Teams – Linked to outlook used for video calls, instant messaging both internal and external

Focal Point (FP) – Recording timesheets, leave requests and at management level project finances.

Lloyds Banking Portal – Submission of purchase card transaction approvals and requests for cash expenses (e.g. Bike & Car mileage)

BikeIT Data – Our project monitoring platform, recording all activity data, surveys and school information. Often called BID

TeamUp – Online calendar used to share project volunteer opportunities and training information.

Cascade – Our online HR platform recording your employment, training and employee benefit details.

5 Top Tips

1 Avoid using personal time to do admin – switch off in the evenings and weekends!
2 Give yourself time for admin, delivery is important but recording impact, planning and preparation are also just as critical to project success, so set time weekly for this.
3 Bookmark or set quick access links to commonly used websites, files or programs. Download Outlooks, Teams & Team up Apps.
4 Ask for help when you get stuck – someone else will have encountered a similar problem and should have helpful tips
5 Keep a notebook or digital notepad to record the number of engagements at each event/ bike counts, this can then be uploaded to BikeIt data weekly.

Helpful Links

Approved systems are those which have been checked for: - information security - data protection compliance


Overview of weekly, monthly, termly & annual tasks