Asset Register & Gifting Equipment


The I Bike capital budget has grown over recent years and we need to be able to record & show where each purchased asset is located.


Asset registers:

Assets include all bikes, scooters, and anything else over the value of £50. Ensuring your Asset Register is up to date is an essential part of the IBO role and it is important to make time to properly catalogue all kit. If in doubt about what should be recorded, please speak to one of the  I Bike Management Team.

From now on we will not have a separate register for ‘equipment’ and ‘bikes’- please list all your assets on the one register, ensuring that the storage location for each listed asset is correct.

Asset Registers should include…

Sustrans bike(s) used for work purposes – This also includes e-cargo bikes e.g. project Tern

Project E Bikes- Teacher loan bikes

Project bikes/scooters – If you have responsibility for storage and maintenance of bikes/scooters which are used as part of a project.

Equipment – includes project-related items such as tools, bike accessories, skills kit, silent disco kits etc. (excluding IT-related equipment e.g. mobile phones, laptops). Items such as prizes for schools, Bike Crew t-shirts etc. do not need to be recorded.

What counts as an Asset? FAQS:

  • Any asset worth over £50 must be noted on your Asset Register. Any bulk purchases of assets which collectively cost more than £50 should be noted down on the register, e.g. 50 helmets
  • An ‘asset’ describes any large capital purchase and will include items such as bikes, scooters, cargo bike trailers, containers and toolsets but excludes consumables such as spare bike parts, Red Zulu prizes and individual tools, e.g. 1 spanner, 1 multitool.
  • Toolkits, etc. do not need to be broken into individual items but noted as the estimated value of the whole toolkit.

You must keep a record of the long-term location and storage of these items; your register does not need to be amended if you temporarily loan bikes/scooters to a school. However you should keep a record of loaned items; a equipment template can be found below.

It is important that you keep the Asset Register up to date; purchasing any project equipment can be a good time to update as it will be fresh in your memory. If you receive/purchase any new assets throughout the year these must be added to your Asset Register as soon as possible.

You will receive a yearly email from the Central Team, usually Pam Valentine, with a request to complete the Bike and Equipment Audit- you can send your Asset Register through to Pam for this purpose.

See example below:

Removing Assets from your project:

If any asset is removed from the project throughout the year for any reason, e.g. irreparable damage, gifted to a school; this must be noted on the Asset Register as soon as possible. Please do this by moving the asset from the main register into the ‘removed assets’ tab on the bottom of the Asset Register spreadsheet and note the reason as to why this asset has been removed from the project. Please speak to a member of IBMT before you remove an asset from the project.

Maintaining Assets on your Asset Register:

All assets should be maintained/serviced at least once every 12 months.

  • Bikes should be given a full service by someone who has at minimum a silver Velotech qualification. The date of this service should be noted on your Asset Register. Details of this service and any adjustments made/wear identified/parts replaced, should be noted. We recommend you do this on a Dr. Bike work sheet and then keep these sheets until the date of the next service.
  • Scooters should be given an in-depth L check and again the date noted on the Asset Register and any wear noted/parts replaced noted.
  • Tool sets and other large capital items should be checked for wear/damage.

Gifting equipment:

We need to complete the Asset Transfer Form if any assets are handed over to be school (or LA general) property. The form will be signed by the IBO and the school contact (e.g. Head Teacher). This serves several purposes: to track where the spend goes so we can report back to funders, to confirm it’s no longer our property and is the responsibility of the school (i.e. not under our insurance), and also to raise awareness with schools of the value of the donation. This gifting form relates to assets such as bikes, fleets of scooters etc but does not include containers. Instead a container siting form is completed when buying/gifting a container to a school.

One copy of this form must be given to the school and another copy of the form stored on file within the Project Assets folder on the S Drive-

All available manufacture/warranty paperwork should also be provided to the school, including a copy of the PDI (pre Delivery Inspection) form for any bikes being transferred. Another copy of the PDI forms should be kept on file within the project assets folder on the S Drive – S:\Behaviour Change\2. Programmes\I Bike\Programme Management\Equipment\Project assets\2022

Once an item has been gifted to a school and the asset transfer form completed, the item can then be removed from your Asset Register (as per details above).

Top Tips

1 Assets added & deleted each year must the individually listed. This really helps to trace assets.
2 Combine the Asset Register update with fleet servicing to make it easier.
3 Add new assets throughout the year to make the annual update easier.
4 I Bike asset information is stored in folder “S:\Behaviour Change\2. Programmes\I Bike\Programme Management\Equipment\Project assets”
5 Only list items that are worth more than £50 and group items together e.g. 1 toolset for Dr. bike rather than individual tools.


To be used every time equipment is gifted to a school or Local Authority
Most Areas will update the prior years asset register so this is included for reference.
To be used if temporarily loaning a project asset i.e. bikes to a school