7. Asset Register


An asset register is a record of all your project equipment. These are an essential part of project monitoring and also for the central annual Sustrans Bike and Equipment Audit. A review of your project asset register should be conducted annually.

What do you need to know?

The asset register should include the following info:

A Sustrans bike for work purposes – If you have been issued with a bike to use for work purposes. (e-cargo bikes are listed centrally, so do not include Tern’s or Bullitts)

Project bikes/scooters – If you have responsibility for storage and maintenance of bikes/scooters which are used as part of a project.

Equipment – includes project-related such as tools, bike accessories, skills kit etc. or onsite equipment(excluding IT-related equipment e.g. mobile phones, laptops). Items such as prizes for schools, bike crew t-shirts etc do not need to be recorded.

You must keep a record of the long-term location and storage of these items, your register does not need to be amended if you temporarily loan bikes/scooters to a school. However you should keep a record of loaned items, a equipment template can be found below.

It is important that you keep the asset register up to date, purchasing any project equipment can be a good time to update as it will be fresh in your memory.

You will receive a yearly email from the central team, usually Pam Valentine with request to complete the Bike and Equipment Audit- you can send your asset register through to Pam for this purpose.

See example below:

Top Tips

1 Update your Asset register when you get new kit but also check over it in the summer holidays to discount items you no longer have or have replaced.
2 If you are new in the role it is worth making yourself familiar with your project asset register to know where equipment is stored within your project location.
3 Project Asset Registers are stored on the x drive within the ‘Projects’ folder of I Bike.


A template document which can be used when loaning equipment to schools, which will be used independent of the local officer.
Template for asset register creation. Ensure an existing Asset register has not already been created.