4. Bike it Data


Bike it Data is an online monitoring platform that we use to record all of our engagements and activity. This data is then used by Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit (RMU) to compile reports for internal strategic planning, and forms the basis of our End of Year report shared with funders and partners to demonstrate the impact of the programme

What do you need to know?

The best thing that you can do with Bikeit data is get on it and have a go. You should try and keep BikeIt data as up to date as possible and putting some time to one side each week is a good way of ensuring there is not a huge list of information for each officer to input.

When completing your End of month reporting (The Portal) or your End of Term report and Newsletter you should use BikeIt data to see what sessions were delivered and the number of engagements.

Teacher training and equipment given to schools is also recorded here.

You can also record Bike and scooter counts from each school, these should be carried out regularly and is a good thing to do when passing a school just to pop in and count the bikes in the bike racks. Another option is to give a bike crew a log on and they can record the number of bikes and scooters themselves. BID can also be used to record quotes from pupils and staff. This allows the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data.

The Intro to BID video at the bottom of this page gives an overview of BID tasks. Contents are:

  • Login
  • 30s Accessing info about your schools
  • 2 min 10s Allowing Schools to add their own surveys
  • 2m in 50s Adding a new school
  • 3 min 25s Logging details of I Bike sessions
  • 10 min 31s Editing or deleting entries
  • 11 min 30s AAdding Quotes or comments
  • 12 min 25 s Adding Cycle/ Scooter Count
  • 12 min 50 s Exporting from BID

Top 5 Tips

1 Put time aside each week to complete this
2 Keep a paper diary so you can record class sizes and bike counts quickly or put it on your notes on your mobile phone.
3 Use the information and reports off Bike it Data to complete your End of Term report.
4 When registering a new school you will need to make sure you have various details such as address, phone number, contacts and school roll. You will also need a school URN number.
5 For a limited time you can edit surveys if you have made an error

Helpful Links

Bike it Data Login


Handbook for BID from RMU
Info on how to accurately record virtual sessions and resource sharing for remote support via BID
Quick reference guide from full handbook with a list of activities and how to record
Full PowerPoint from April 2022 BID training

How To Videos

Intro to BID - contents & timestamps in You Tube Video comments section.
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