5. Cascade


Cascade allows Sustrans to keep up-to-date records for all staff, for example, information such as personal data, job and salary information, appraisals, job descriptions, office addresses, etc. This information is available to staff, through ‘self-service’, so that you will be able to access this information and keep your own records up-to-date.

There are different pages within Cascade that hold your information. Some of these pages you can update yourself by making a ‘direct change’, some pages are ‘read-only’ and some pages you can ask to be changed by making a ‘change request’

What do you need to know?

There are a few different tasks and activities that can be completed on Cascade. These include filling in forms for HR and include items such as being signed off to Drive for Sustrans. You will get central reminders and IBMT reminders to update for cascade profile.

Cascade is also how you can book Sustrans training opportunities as well as put in training requests for additional training/professional development opportunities that you have identified.

Your cascade profile is only visible to your line manager

Top Tips

1 Complete the Cascade E-Learning course on the SusLearn home page.
2 If you are driving for work make sure you have filled in and had signed off a driving for work form which is found on Cascade
3 Check Cascade Course Listings every so often to see what training opportunities are happening across the organisation and if anything is of interest to you.
4 Cascade will send you task list reminder emails to update or insert info when required, make sure you respond to those promptly.

Helpful Links

Id is firstname.secondname and password is the same as your login password
Cascade FAQ - found via HR pages on Susnet
Cascade User Guide - found via HR pages on Susnet