8. Champion & Community eBike Loans


As part of our commitment to schools and communities to encourage Active Travel we have a fleet of e-bikes available for short to medium-term loans to assist in achieving this objective.

This page gives a short insight into how the Bike Loan scheme operates and the key actions associated with this project function.

The key document that summaries the steps is the E Bike Loan Scheme Flow Diagram in the documents section below.

All documents are stored in the folder S:\Behaviour Change\2. Programmes\I Bike\Programme Management\Bike Loan Scheme. This can only be accessed by I Bike officers and management team.

The Purpose:

eBike Loan Case StudyWe are all well aware of the benefits to health, communities and the environment from increased cycling activity, however not everyone within the communities we work with has access to a bike, or indeed feel they have the confidence or health to ride a bike. A common response from teachers for not riding a bike to school is the distance they live from their school or the number of pupil workbooks etc they need to carry on a regular basis.

We can help address some or all of these personal concerns by providing access to eBikes for short to medium-term loans. The electric-assist motor gives novice or less experienced riders the confidence to travel further or on routes where hills and gradients may be a factor. All of our eBikes are fitted with pannier racks to allow for easy transportation of teacher resources, shopping or even children. The combination of panniers and electric-assist helps to alleviate many of the cargo concerns.

Although many manufacturers and retailers have eBike options to suit a variety of budgets, they are still on the whole more expensive than a conventual bike and this may lead to some people being put off from making the substantial investment for something they may not use.

Our Loans are offered at no cost to the individual, this overcomes the initial investment concerns allowing individuals to “try before they buy”


What do we get out of it?

As with all our project activities, there needs to be an element of monitoring associated with our bike loans.

We ask that everyone loaning a bike completed a travel diary/log outlining what the bike was used for, distances and most importantly the impact using the bike has had. This information can then be used for reporting internally and to Transport Scotland or other funding bodies.

Our Fleet:

Currently, our existing loan bikes are linked to I Bike Communities in Dumfries and Galloway and I Bike Inverness projects.

During the course of 2021, we have taken delivery of additional bikes, which will expand the fleet to provide each I Bike project area with an aim of 2 bikes each.

I Bike Communities:

I Bike Inverness:

5x Ridgeback Electron+ Step Through

1x Ridgeback Argus 2

1 Jorvik e-trike


3x Adventure Road Sport

5x Ridgeback Cyclone

Image of Adventure eBike

I Bike Champion eBikes due 2021


Endeavour 1B Move

Kalkhoff-Endeavour-1.B-Move Kalkhoff

Aguttu 1B Move 

eSPRESSO_CITY_300 image

Project areas with eCargo Bikes are also encouraged (especially those funded by Energy Savings Trust, EST) to make their bikes available for short term loans and demos within their respective communities. In recent years and especially as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have seen a marked interest in the use of eCargo Bikes by local businesses for their deliveries, parents looking for healthier and easier options for transporting children and individuals looking for a versatile option for car replacement and so by both project officers using eCargo Bikes and increased promotion we can help to fuel further interest in this bike type.


Top 5 Tips

1 Record expressions of interest on a spreadsheet  
2 Set time aside monthly to action loan requests and prepare bikes  
3 Consider arranging ECS courses for participants to ensure they have the skills and confidence to use the bike safely  
4 Loan bikes will require greater maintenance so ensure you have capacity to maintain the fleet, ask for assistance if needed.  

Helpful Links

You Tube recording of training session on our loan scheme
To be completed by interested Loanee to kick off the process
To be completed by loanee when the bike is handed over
To be completed when the bike is ready to be returned.
Link to Energy Savings Trust website for (personal) 0% interest e-bike loans. Also available via Energy Savings Trust website is E-Cargo Bike Grant fund aimed at small business and community groups.


Step-by-step guide -Has Links to all the documents needed at each stage
Bike Loan Scheme Risk Assessment - each IBO with loan bikes needs to record this RA on their tracker
Risk assessment to ensure that the scheme complies with all GDPR requirements
example promotional flyer, used in Inverness.