9. E-bike & Cargo bike mileage


Some of the I Bike team have been given the use of an e-bike or e-cargo bike for use within their respective projects. These bikes allow us as a team to promote and demonstrate the capabilities of these types of bikes introducing opportunities for modal shift from car/vans to bikes and cargo trailers.


Our e-bike fleet represents a significant investment to the I Bike programme with 75% of our team currently using or with access to an e-cargo bike and further roll out of e-bikes due in the future it means we have one of, if not the largest e-bike fleet across Sustrans.

Our Current Fleet: 

Tern GSD S10

  • 7x Bikes within the team
  • Capacity for 200kg of load inc rider
  • Bosch Motor
  • Versatile configuration to include trays front/rear, trailer hitches, upto 2x kids seats, extra large pannier bags

Harry vs Larry Bullitt

  • 2x Bikes within the team
  • Capacity for 180kg of load inc rider
  • Shimano Motor
  • Can be configured for multiple uses with boxes, flat load bed or kids transportation


Carla Cargo Trailers

  • 4x trailers within the team
  • Capacity for 200kg of load
  • Independent brakes
  • Can be detached from the bike and used independently to carry items into a playground or work area.
  • Can be configured to carry upto 6  kids bikes 4 adult bikes (depending on sizes), 30 scooters & helmets.


H&S Note: All riders of e-bikes and trailers must undergo a rider assessment and familiarisation training with the equipment before use. Please speak to a member of IBMT for more information.


Funding & Monitoring:

Our bikes have been funded in a variety and combination of ways, I Bike Capital (TS), Partner/Local Authority Contributions and also using Energy Savings Trust (EST) e-bike Grant Fund.

All of our funding streams requires monitoring and reporting to enable us to demonstrate impact both to the I Bike Programme and the local communities in which we work. Bike funded by partners or EST have special conditions that we also make the bikes available for community trials or promotional events in the respective area.

To understand the impact/usage from our bikes, we ask that the bike usage data is recorded weekly/monthly and compiled in the Mileage Tracker Spreadsheet. Those using the bikes should have received a recurring  Outlook Calendar notification to complete mileage log at the end of each month.

What are we recording?: 

  • Distance Travelled
  • Number of Journeys
  • Number of Vehicle Journeys Converted
  • Number of Loans of the bike to other users/members of the public.

From this data, we can then estimate project savings from vehicle hire and also calculate any Carbon Savings we have contributed to through using bikes over vehicles.


This information is compiled and shared with partners, funders and for internal communications on a regular basis.



Top Tips

1 Maintain a regular log of your mileage, aim to include it within weekly admin tasks
2 Save a link to the tracker spreadsheet in ‘Quick Access Links”

X:\_File Share Site\Staff Area\EYP\I Bike Resources (Scotland)\Areas\E-Cargo Bike 2020_21 Trackers

3 Promote the capabilities of the bike to other users (School Champions, Local Authority Partners etc)

How To Videos

Ali's Cargo Bike Overview