3. Electronic File Storage


Sustrans have a couple of different options for saving files. The main ones used are the X Drive and the S Drive and also Fileshare. Saving files in these shared locations is really useful in avoiding officer repeating work that’s already been done!

What do you need to know?

The S Drive is usually used by officers that are based within a Sustrans office or accessing the network from home

If you are based outside of a Sustrans office then you will not be able to access the S Drive as easily. In this case, you can access the X Drive which can be found in your PC folders. You can also use a web-based version of the Fileshare (info & link below) which can be accessed anywhere you have internet access.

Most I Bike files are stored on Fileshare and officers generally access this through the X Drive.Picture of S drive & x drive

The directory paths are:

  1. S:\Behaviour Change\2. Programmes\I Bike
  2. X:\_File Share Site\Staff Area\EYP\I Bike Resources (Scotland)

For times when you are not connected to the internet – using the drive with your name on it (circled in the picture) is really handy since this is backed up to the network the next time you connect. This means that if you ever need to replace your laptop, all your files are safe!

Do not store files on your desktop – these are never backed up and will be lost if you need to replace your laptop.


Do not use a personal computer to access Sustrans files. This is not permitted by IT policies.


X: drive or Fileshare to access via a web browser (Use this if you are working from a computer that is not a Sustrans one e.g. a LA computer):

  1. Use the following link https://share.sustrans.org.uk/share/
  2. You will be asked for your Sustrans email address and password. This lets you look at all of the files on the X: drive via a web browser.
  3. You select Sustrans staff Shared Area -> EYP -> I Bike Resources (Scotland)
  4. You will see all of the same folders & files as on file explorer.

Easily Accessing different locations

Since files are spread in various locations, it’s a good hack to add quick access links. This stores your frequently used folders so they are always visible in explorer and you can get there with one click. Instructions on how to do this are here.

UK-wide Sustrans resources

There are so many resources prepared by the I Bike team and UK-wide team, that it’s really worth having a look before you take the time to prepare material from scratch.  X:\_File Share Site\Staff Area\EYP\Shared Resources

Screenshot of folders in shared resources folder

Top 5 Tips

1 Remember you can use a Web-based version of Fileshare if you have no access to Sustrans VPN, otherwise, you can access Fileshare through the X Drive.
2 You can only access the S Dive in a Sustrans office or when logged on to a Sustrans Laptop at home.
3 You can share files in the X Drive and Fileshare with colleagues
4 RAs should be uploaded to the Fileshare for sign off

Helpful Links

Fileshare Internet Link
Instructions on how to use quick access in windows
Approved systems are those which have been checked for: - information security - data protection compliance