External Delivery Partners


should we link to the leaflet on active travel & reference same info as launch pack??

Cycling Scotland
Who are they National Cycling Organisation for Scotland
What do they do Training- for all abilities and ages, to get people cycling

Run the ‘cycle friendly’ awards

Campaign- for cycle road safety

Organise events

Influence policy and monitoring
Engage volunteers- to maximise reach

How do they support I Bike? Deliver training for Officers, volunteers and school staff, support bikeability delivery (including resources)
Paths for All Partnership
Who are they A Scottish Charity aiming at promoting physical activity to create a happier, healthier Scotland. A Partnership of 30 national organisations.
What do they do Deliver on their vision over 4 themes: Walking for health, Active environments, Active travel, Policy and communications
How do they support I Bike? Match fund the project with the Local Authority
Living Streets Scotland
Who are they UK Charity for everyday walking- aim at better walking environment and to inspire people to walk more
What do they do Promote walking in schools, workplaces, communities and policy changes. Campaigns: Walk to School Week, Happy Shoesday, Resources, Walking groups
How do they support I Bike? Can help with School Streets, access to traffic counters, WOW travel tracker challenge for school pupils
Cycling UK (used to be CTC)
Who are they Charity focused on making cycling safer, easier and more enjoyable
What do they do A number of projects aimed at specific user groups; Play together on pedals, Belles on Bikes (promote cycling to women), All-ability cycling centres (inclusive cycling), Big Bike Revival fund- events to repair bikes
How do they support I Bike? Collaboration on promoting cycling, BBR fund,
Scottish Natural Heritage
Who are they  
What do they do  
How do they support I Bike?  
Outward Bound
Who are they  
What do they do  
How do they support I Bike?  
Woodland Trust
Who are they  
What do they do  
How do they support I Bike?