1. Get Started


Welcome to I Bike, as with any new job, there is always so much to absorb we hope this guide will introduce the essential elements and provide an easy reference guide to lead you through the initial first weeks and months in your new role.

What do you need to know?

The first day will no doubt be a whirlwind, meeting various people across the team and wider office and completing a variety of induction paperwork. You should hopefully also receive a laptop, phone and any other equipment or clothing which has been arranged in advance for you.

By the end of your first week(s) you should have achieved/completed;

  • Induction paperwork including Lloyds Purchase Card request
  • Introduction to your Local Authority contacts
  • Made contact or been introduced to other officers within your regional team
  • Spent at least a day or more shadowing one of the I Bike Team
  • Received a list of schools targeted for engagement and identified where they are, who the main contacts might be and if possible arranged initial meetings for the coming weeks.
1 In term time, set aside a day for admin tasks, which are listed in the admin section of the starters guide.
2 Take time to get an understanding of the project, scope, and aims. Each area and school are different, so they will all need slightly different approaches.
3 Know your limitations when it comes to delivery of sessions, many of the activities require a substantial amount of prep/time for logistics, so focus on quality over quantity.
4  If in any doubts, ask a fellow I Bike Officer or your Line Manager (no query it too silly)
5 Update your Sustrans Profile with your picture. You can seen download info on how to do this below.

Helpful Links

Your wellbeing at work is important to us. The hub contains links to a range of resources available to staff and managers aimed at supporting positive health and wellbeing.
Our network storage drive accessible to all teams and officers either via either web portal (link provided here) or Windows File Explorer (available on your laptop)
Your id is firstname.secondname and password is the same as your login password.
Id is firstname.secondname and password is the same as your login password


Your line manager will use this with you throughout your induction.