I Bike school activities & events


As an I Bike officer, the majority of your time will, of course, be spent in schools.  This website provides a lot of information on the type of activities and events you might deliver in schools.  You will also be shadowing other I Bike Officers as part of your induction, to get a flavour for how the activities work. You’ll develop your own style as you get confident with the activities; and you may deliver slightly different programmes between schools, depending on the schools’ needs and priorities.

Where to start?! Talk to your line manager about getting started with schools, and check out the links below…

Top Tips

  1. Take your time to plan the sessions and what equipment you might need to take
  2. Shadow other I Bike officers
  3. Understand how volunteers can support your sessions – the volunteers’ Pocket Guide can help with this https://ibike.sustrans.org.uk/resources/pocket-guide/
  4. Talk to colleagues to troubleshoot and evaluate sessions to build your confidence for next time
  5. Don’t feel you have to launch in and take a group of kids on a led ride in week 1, or even in week 10! This can take time to be trained, confident and skilled to do this . Be comfortable with what you can do.

Helpful Links

Great place to start to give you an idea of how I Bike works
Ease the load, browse this section of the website, and use the off-the-peg lesson plans to get you started
Guide for teachers, but very useful for I Bike officers, about how to get started with the programme