X. I Bike Team Central Equipment


As a team we have some equipment which is kept and administered centrally for use across all project areas.

This includes some specialist items such as the Pedal Powered Cinema, our Cycle Skills kit or tools which are not regularly used by officers so have minimal advantage for purchasing locally.

Full details for all our centrally available equipment can be found in the Guide linked below. This has a summary and images of the equipment, plus a list of qualifications needed, participant ratios and transportation requirements.

How to book the equipment

All equipment booking requests should be entered into the I Bike mailbox calendar. If you cannot view this calendar ask a member of IBMT to check availability for your proposed dates and submit the relevant booking form, (see links below)

Currently, all bookings/requests to use the equipment is achieved by completing the booking forms below and emailing them to ibike@sustrans.org.uk.

How do I get the equipment?

You will need to arrange for collection from the Edinburgh office, discuss requirements with your Line Manager. Members of IBMT or officers local to the office might be able to support with transport. For small items these could be couriered to your delivery address.

I need some extra bikes/scooters/helmets etc?

If you require additional resources to help deliver a short-term planned session, e.g. Bikes and Helmets for Bikeability or Scooters for a Health & Wellbeing activities week, then please speak to other members of the team to check on availability. You will need to arrange collection and return of equipment between all the parties ensuring all equipment is returned in the same condition as you received it.



Photos and info on equipment that can be booked for officer use. Generally stored in Edinburgh office.
Current booking form/method for the Team Cycle Skills Equipment
Current booking form/method for the Pedal Cinema Equipment