I Bike Volunteering


The I Bike Volunteering Team manage the volunteering programme for I Bike, we:

  • will work closely with you, talk about how volunteering works, and how you can best involve volunteers in your local I Bike programme.
  • have overall responsibility for volunteers’ recruitment, induction, training and providing social and networking events, as well as ongoing development of the programme.
  • Co-ordinate the Scotland-wide training programme for I Bike volunteers and champions
  • Support you with your school champions training and networking events.

I Bike volunteers form part of the wider UK Sustrans Volunteering community. Over time you will have chance to find out more about other volunteering roles in Sustrans and potentially how they could connect with your work (for example there are a number of Sustrans volunteer ride leader community groups across Scotland)

Have a look at the documents below and get in touch with your I Bike Volunteering Project officer any time:

Anna.Whealing@sustrans.org.uk (Inverness, Perth, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Falkirk, East Dunbartonshire)

Annie.Cousins@sustrans.org.uk (Dumfries and Galloway, Edinburgh, West Lothian, East Lothian)


Top 5 Tips

  1. Meet your I Bike Volunteering project officer, to get to know them, and to understand your local volunteering picture.  Maintain regular contact with your volunteering project officer – they are there to help you!
  2. Talk to other I Bike officers about how their volunteers support their local project.
  3. Take it gradually – make sure you feel comfortable with the I Bike activity content and delivery before involving volunteers. 
  4. Have a plan of how your volunteers can support each activity so you can give them with a meaningful role (the ‘Pocket Guide to I Bike Volunteering’ will help you with this)
  5. If you are new to working with volunteers (or even if you are experienced!) don’t be afraid to ask questions, any time, about how to support them, engage them, ensure they are getting the most out of their I Bike volunteering.

Helpful Links

Guide written for volunteers and contains handy info for officers and school champions too
You tube videos of I Bike Volunteers
Read tips on volunteering from an I Bike officers perspective


Guide written for new (and existing) I Bike Officers about how the volunteering programme works

How To Videos

Maggie King - I Bike Volunteering