3. Lloyds


Lloyds in the online system we use to manage all transactions on purchasing cards and all cash expenses (like mileage claims).

What Do You Need To Know?

Make sure you are aware of your project codes for Lloyds. These will change depending on if your expenses are for project costs or travel costs. It is also useful to know these in case Finance contact you with an invoice that you need to authorise.

You will be given a username and have a password to access the online system. You will also need to know your PIN number for non-contactless payments.

When using the card for the first purchase in a shop you will need to use the PIN number, this, in turn, will allow the contactless technology to be unlocked so for purchases after this under £30 you will be able to use contactless payment.

You need to keep on top of expenses – it is recommended to do this weekly. Balances must be cleared every month. If this is not done, your purchasing card can be blocked.

Each purchase card transaction needs a receipt.

Mileage logs – use the mileage log spreadsheet to list car & bike miles. These are paid weekly by finance when they are received & approved. As you can only attach one file, insert fuel receipts on the second page of the mileage log spreadsheet. This must be done monthly.

Top Tips

1 Put time aside each week to complete this
2 Keep all receipts for your records – taking photos on your phone can help
3 Photograph train tickets while on the train then if the machines at your destination retain your tickets you have a copy for your receipts
4 Ensure you know what your budget codes are prior to trying to process the purchase
5  Apply for your Lloyds card as soon as you can. These take too long to arrive!

Helpful Links

Guidance on applying for a card, claim expenses & a How-To Guide. The how too guide includes instructions on uploading receipts, how to find project codes, approving expenses and cash expenses.
LLoyds Online Banking login
Mileage log to complete when you have traveled by car, bike or van. Submit via cash expenses in Lloyds


A handy guide to help guide you through the coding of expenses and invoices in Lloyds
quick step by step guide for editing pending Lloyds transactions.

How To Videos

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