6. Portal


The Portal is a monitoring database that is used to monitor sessions, it is also used by partners putting in funding applications to Sustrans.

What do you need to know?

The main reason an I Bike officer will need to use the portal will be to submit a short monthly report on the type of sessions they have been delivering. This is additional to the monitoring that is carried out on the BikeIt Database. The reporting can include the number of events and the number of engagements right through to Bike and scooter counts at schools.

Officers should be sent a link every month to the Portal by IBMT.



Top 5 Tips

1 Make sure you have inputted the correct date and year.
2 Look back over your diary to make sure you have captured all the info
3 Include the number of people you have taught how to ride
4 Include sessions where you have assisted other areas of Sustrans E.g PfE Team
5 Include any interesting points such as an unusually high bike or scooter count

Helpful Links

Link to Portal Login. Your username is first_name.surname