4. Prizes & Giveaways


Prizes can be a great way to incentivise your activities and help support schools to meet active travel targets. We have Sustrans branded items which can make good prizes and can be purchased through Red Zulu.

It is worth highlighting that you may require different kinds of prizes for secondary vs primary pupils. Speaking to other colleagues about what prizes they have given for similar activities can help.


I Love Cycling/Walking/Scooting Badges Redzulu
Sports bottle Redzulu
Reflective drawstring bags Redzulu
Flick Bells Redzulu
Hi vis waistcoat Redzulu
Pens/Pencils Redzulu
Rucksack covers Redzulu
Slapwrap wristbands Redzulu
Tyre levers Redzulu
Puncture repair kits Redzulu or Moorelarge
Locks Moorelarge
Lights Moorelarge – USB rechargeable (preferably)
Spokey Dokes Amazon
Spoke Reflector sticks Amazon
Wheel lights Amazon
Bikes Frog Bikes or Little Big Bikes
Scooters J and R Sports JD Bugg
Endura Clothing Endura
Gloves Moorelarge- ETC
Hand pumps Chainreaction cycles
Helmets Planet X Carnac

Top Tips

1 Sustrans branded found on redzulu
2 These links can also be used for Lock/Light sales e.g. at Parent’s Evenings
3 Postage can be quite costly via Red Zulu so make sure and get everything you need in a one go.
4 Gift Cards can be a good incentive for Secondary Pupils
5 Christmas Themed prizes such as chocolate coins and chocolate santas always go down well too!

Helpful Links

Useful site for ideas
Reflective clothing – Discount available