5. Project & Capital Budgets


It’s good to have an understanding of your budget. Each I Bike coordinator will track budget spend per area.

What Do You Need To Know?

The budget year runs from July – June each year. In 2021 this is changing and will run from April to March each year. We need to spend within our budget as an overall I Bike team. This gives some flexibility to share between individual area budgets across the team. Note that your Project budget number will change each year – don’t charge to the old one!

Scotland Delivery Budget

Own Car mileage, Train fares, hire vehicle fuel, sustenance when away from your own area, own bike mileage can be charged to the  Scotland Delivery Project: 10046     

When claiming for mileage in your own car/bike, a mileage log should be completed and supported with a VAT receipt for fuel. This does not have to match the claim exactly in terms of amount or date but the receipt should be within 3 months of the claim date. This requirement is waived if the vehicle is electric.

Project Budget (£2500 per officer each year)

This budget covers:

  • Van hire
  • Active Travel Breakfast ingredients
  • Covid supplies (masks, sanitiser, disinfectant)
  • Officer PPE
  • Fleet bike, Dr Bike tools & spares
  • Training that is considered non-core. Core training is defined on the L&D sunset training matrix.
  • Prizes for any competitions you run
  • You can buy fleet bikes & other equipment on behalf of schools when they have funds. We will then invoice the schools & they can repay. This allows schools to access trade prices & save VAT (20%)

Budget tracker – I Bike Co-ordinators keep it up to date but you can view anytime –  (for both Project & Capital Budget) is stored in this folder:

S:\Behaviour Change\2. Programmes\I Bike\Programme Management\Finance\July 2020 -June 2021\I Bike Budget Trackers 20_21\

Capital Budget (£6000 per officer each year)

Each officer has a capital budget that can be used to buy equipment.

Top Tips

1 At the end of each financial year – remove the previous year’s codes from Focal Point timesheets & Lloyds to avoid charging there by mistake.
2 Plan your capital spend early in the financial year.
3 I Bike Coordinator track budget but you should keep up to date with spending
4 I Bike Coordinator will make the Capital Purchases for you once you have submitted your wishlist


Detailed Guidance note on Capital Budget - it's a very interesting read!
A quick flow document guiding you through hows to code Cash Expenses, Mileage Claims and Invoice approvals on Lloyds and Focal Point.