Risk Assesment


Risk Assessment is an important part of our jobs. By following Sustrans’ procedures, we can ensure that we have considered all hazards and taken appropriate risk-reduction steps.

What Do You Need To Know?

This summary is designed to help you understand the different parts of Sustrans’ risk assessment process and how it fits together. The ‘Core Policy documents’ are a high-level summary and the other items get more detailed each time you move right to the next box.

All of the links in this graphic will take you to the documents that are written centrally for all projects to update & use.

Generic Risk Assessments

Generic risk assessments for the most common Sustrans activities here.

Specific Risk Assessments

Activities like led rides, walks & Scoot need a specific risk assessment – this covers hazards along the planned route and shows the route – they are shown in bold in the list below.

I Bike Risk Assessment Approach

The Sustrans Generic Risk assessments are updated annually. When this happens, I Bike make some additional comments in these documents about how we implement these risk assessments in our project. At this point, each officer is asked to read, sign & date their own copy of these risk assessments. These are added to the officer’s RA tracker and approved by their line manager. At that point, each officer can reuse these risk assessments throughout the year by recording a ‘repeat activity’ on their RA tracker.

This is a list of the commonly used RA – those in bold are specific Risk assessments:

  • RA03 Riding at work risk assessment & plan
  • RA21 Lone working
  • RA26 Organising and managing a led bike ride (generic risk assessment)
  • Led ride specific risk assessment and plan 
  • RA27 Bike storage and maintenance workshop risk assessment & plan
  • RA28 Bike loan scheme risk assessment & plan
  • RA30 National standard cycle skills training  (Previously known as ‘Bikeability National Standards Skills Training’)
  • RA32 Dr. Bike risk assessment & plan
  • RA33 Organising and manging a led walk(generic risk assessment)
  • Led walk specific risk assessment and plan
  • RA38 Static Bike events risk assessment & plan  – (includes Smoothie Bike, Pedal Cinema)
  • RA39 Street Closures risk assessment & plan
  • RA42 Riding Skills Event risk assessment & plan

Where do I find my Risk assessment files?

These are stored on the file share area in this folder: X:\_File Share Site\Staff Area\EYP\HEALTH and SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT STORE\Scotland

Each officer will have their own folder with their tracker, pending & approved risk assessments.

Changes During COVID-19

We have made some changes to help us manage the unique challenges brought by this pandemic. The generic Risk Assessments have been updated with COVID-adapted measures. These are expected to be updated during the next revision.  Officers can note that current guidelines (Local Authority, school, another setting) will be followed during an activity instead of the noted COVID measures.


Top Tips

  1. Prepare Risk Assessments in advance – 2 weeks is ideal. Time is needed to review and leaving these to last-minute doesn’t help!

Helpful Links

Plot a route is used to plot Led Ride routes and the link is to be included in RA documents