Sustrans recognises its responsibility to safeguard children, young people and adults at risk and promote their welfare, by a commitment to working and volunteering practices that protect them.

As an officer working with children & young people, you could witness, suspect or be informed about something that you need to report. Reporting your concerns could help prevent a child or young person from experiencing harm.

Therefore, it is important that all volunteers know what to do if they have a safeguarding concern. You also need to be aware of what your safeguarding responsibilities are, how to protect yourself and what Sustrans does to promote safeguarding.

What do You Need to Know?

The most comprehensive guidance is in the I Bike safeguarding leaflet that is available below.  It has been written for volunteers but is very applicable to officers.

PVG & Safeguarding training

You will apply for a PVG as soon as you start. Officers need to undergo Child Protection Training soon after starting.

Volunteers will also apply for a PVG during their induction and be asked to complete Child Protection training online. They are permitted to attend one taster session before these two things are complete. During this session, you are responsible for overseeing the volunteer. If required, you can discuss with one of the volunteer officers if there is a reasonable case to have the volunteers attend another session before PVG & Training is complete.

Top Tips

At all times, avoid being left by yourself with a child or young person. Here are some examples of when this could happen during an I Bike activity, and ways to avoid it:

  • If you are teaching one child to learn to ride, ensure you stay in sight of the rest of the group on the playground.
  • If you are a back-marker for a led ride, ensure you let the ride leader know if you are left behind with a young person who is cycling slower than the rest of the group (walkie-talkies are often provided).
  • If you are accompanying a child into the school for any reason e.g. first aid, if in doubt whether you and the child will be out of sight of others, ask them to bring a friend along with them.
  • If you are helping children collect and unlock their bikes at a bike store, make sure you aren’t alone with the last child – ask another child to wait for them – you could phrase it as a helpful and kind thing for them to do.

Helpful Links

See here for info on Child Protection Training


Guidance written for volunteers but very useful for officers