1. School Engagement & New Schools


There’s lots to cover with a new school when first introducing I Bike. Here are a few resources and tips to help you.

Top Tips

1 Speak to your Local Authority contact and see where they would like to see intervention, particularly around areas where infrastructure is due to change.
2 Try and engage with the school prior to the new school year. Eg send initial emails to HT in May/ June time.
3 Request a whole staff meeting/introduction so you get to know all the staff in the school- not just one.  This can be done virtually
4 Talk to an experienced I Bike officer to get tips on how they do it
5 Ask schools about their school improvement plan to build your plans around this.


Draft for updating. Written March 2021
Helps officers gather lots of useful information nice & early so that plans can be based on the school's needs & aims