3. Suppliers & Trade Accounts


We have a number of different suppliers & trade accounts. Details & links are covered on this page. For the most part, I Bike coordinators will place bulk orders for capital items. Please ask one of IBMT if you have any questions.

(B2B account info for IBMT)

Top Tips

1 Have a shop around for cheaper alternatives, sometimes the availability and options on these sites are limited
2 Ask colleagues for tips and advice on where/what to buy (latest deals)
3 Contact Line manager if unable to access any of these accounts
4 Find a suitable location for delivery- consider space and ease of transport to final destination/storage
5 You can buy equipment for schools using these accounts, see Invoicing info here

Helpful Links

The EYP page for all your purchasing needs. Full of links to take you to the information or order form you need. Read this first please!
Suppliers and distributors of bicycles, bicycle accessories, tools and parts.
Scooters & other extreme sports equipment. You need to ask for a Sustrans trade account.
Instructions on how to order using our Sustrans account
No formal trade account - orders placed by email. Contact IBMT
Smoothie Bike spares - need ordering info
Frog Bikes Trade Account - how to set up to use Sustran's Frog Bikes Trade Account
Madison and Sportline are two linked organisations. We have secured a trade account for Sustrans officers with Madison and Sportline who provide a wide range of bikes and accessories at trade price. The order process for these two organisations is different.
Compostable food packaging
A flexible bike that moves from balance bike to pedal bike, to larger pedal bike. No formal trade account. Ask IBMT
In recent years has had good deals on helmets that are better quality than Moore Large Helmets