6. Team Up


Team Up is the tool used by the I Bike team to publish details of all activities to allow volunteers to sign up. It is also used to publish training course dates, time, contents to allow volunteers and school champions to sign up.

What Do You Need to Know?

This is a great way to notify volunteers of sessions. It is important you provide your volunteers with as much information as possible. The volunteer team is the best place to start for guidance on Team Up.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Do you require your volunteer to bring lunch?
  • Where will you meet your volunteer e.g School reception, bike sheds etc
  • What is the start and end time?
  • What qualifications do your volunteers need? Eg.Velotech, CRL, CTA
  • These are also useful to think about when you are in contact with the school booking the sessions in, so you can get answers to any questions that volunteers might need to know.

You should contact your volunteer coordinator if you have any problems or questions, other I Bike officers or IBMT can also assist.

Vidoe below has a walk through – it covers

  • Logging In
  • 1 min 32s – Adding activities to team up
  • 4 min 54s Sharing Events to Outlook

Top Tips

1 Once you have made an event in Team up, you can share to your Outlook calendar to save time re-entering all the information (unfortunately it doesn’t work the opposite way round).
2 Entering Events is much easier to do on the website on your laptop.  There is a free App to download on your phone
3 Use the templates that have already been set up for certain events to save time. Usually stored in January.
4 The volunteer team can add automatic updates – this allows you and your volunteers to receive an email when changes are made to events. They see when an IBO adds an event, the IBO sees when a vol has signed up.
5 You can add activities as a recurrence or copy and paste as opposed to starting a new appointment
6 Ask volunteers to put a name on the event on the calendar so you know who is turning up
7 Share your appointments to your Outlook Calendar to save duplicating work

Helpful Links

Team Up - I Bike Volunteering Opportunities.
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Guide to using Team up for scheduling activities
Guide on copying events on your phone