1. The Essentials


This section gives you a few lists of the essential items needed to get started. More details on items needed for specific activities is covered in some other sections.


To purchase

Laptop +charger
Mobile device, charger & earphones
Docking station and screen
Keyboard and mouse
Business Cards restock
Sustrans promo leaflets and handouts restock

Basic Active equipment:


To purchase/personal equipment

Bike Helmet
Sustrans Jacket, hoodie/jumper, t-shirt Cycling Gloves winter & summer
Waterproof trousers Stout shoes (ideally light hiking boots for the winter)
Sustrans Pannier bags (if bicycle has pannier rack) Rucksack (good quality 20- 35 litre capacity, Osprey or similar)
Bicycle lights

Essentials to carry daily:

Spare tube for the bike Tyre levers Hand Pump (decent quality)
Multi-tool/ Allen keys Adjustable spanner Tyre boot  (a piece of plastic for emergency repair)
Insulating/electrical tape Zip ties First aid kit

Top Tips

1 Ask colleagues for recommendations
2 Give your bike a wash down after winter riding – salt on the road is a component killer. Clean the drivetrain regularly.
3 Good winter gloves are essential- avoid gloves with an inner lining that are not stitched into place
4 A comfortable helmet is key- try before you buy
5 Don’t forget to update the Project Asset register with new purchases

Helpful Links

Link to PPE Page of Handbook
Susnet link for up to date discounts