Trackers (e-bikes & Cargo Bikes)


Our fleet of cargo bikes and e-bikes have trackers installed to help identify the equipment location if lost or stolen. The trackers also record journeys so that manual mileage reporting is not required.

App & Desktop site

We have installed PowUnity trackers in our bikes.  Tracking can be done either using the App or the desktop site. The App can be downloaded onto your phone.  Login information is available from a member of IBMT.  Please note that you will receive (Loud) alerts and messages once you are logged in if a bike locked in position is moved without unlocking.

To download, you will need to go to the company portal on your Sustrans phone.

Photo of PowUnity App Icon
PowUnity App Icon

The desktop site is

Tracker Battery

The battery icon is shown in the list view – this shows the tracker unit battery NOT the bike battery. In general, the tracker battery will last for about 2 weeks if the bike is not ridden. It takes approx 10-20 mins of riding to recharge. If the battery is flat, please ride the bike to recharge before giving it out on loan.

Locking the bike

When the bike is locked in the App or desktop site, the padlock symbol on the map will show as locked. If the bike is moved without unlocking in the app or desktop site, a very loud alarm will sound on the App for everyone who is logged in and is tracking that bike.

Sharing location with I Bike Officers

This part of the system is being tested at the moment. We may update when we get to know the system more. When a bike is given to an I Bike Officer, that bike location will be shared from the main IBMT account with the officer. For a defined period (exact length tbc), the officer will see any bikes shared with them. At this point, we are not sharing the location with the person we are loaning the bike to.

To see the location of a bike shared with you, download the App first & then click on the link in the sharing email.

The whole fleet of bikes will be visible to IBMT.

Helpful Links

Click here to access tracking info on a laptop


Basic Instructions for PowUnity