5. What you need for a Bikeability session


Kit Details
First Aid Kit Lifesystems mountain leader
Eye wash  
Emergency sugar supply  
Tool kit Puncture repair kit, multi-tool (allen keys 2-8mm, chain tool, screwdriver Philips and flat head, torx key), small pliers, adjustable spanner, tyre levers x 3, tyre boot, insulating tape, zip ties x3, quick link chain connector
Pump Ideally a track pump
Bike spares Presta inner tubes x 2, v brake pads, power links, bar end plugs
Mobile phone charged
Spare gloves  
spare water  
Spare waterproof  
Chalk Box from Amazon
Instructor CS flickbook  
Cycling Training in Progress Warning Signs If required by Local Authority
Spare Bikes As appropriate for the session/school
Spare Helmets As appropriate for the session/school
Hi-Viz jackets As required by Local Authority/Risk Assessment

Top Tips

1 Rubber discs, rope and chalk can make sessions much more fun
2 Don’t forget the bar plugs!