9. What you need for a Dr. Bike


Item Suggested Supplier Quantity
Dr Bike Sheets Red-zulu 2
Good quality storage boxes B&Q/Amazon 2 or more
Folding bin for rubbish Amazon?
Folding work stand Aldi/Lidl or other 1+
Stapler, Clipboard & Pens
Old rags
Grease Hand Wipes 1 tub
First aid kit Redzulu 1
Recommended tools
Toolkit Chainreaction- Lifeline X-tools Performance 39 Piece Tool Kit 1
Track Pump Chainreaction 2
Spanners 8-19mm Amazon- Draper coloured spanner set 1 set
Allen key sets 2 sets (1 incl CRC toolkit)
Cable Cutters Moorelarge- Super B premium 1-2 (1 incl CRC toolkit)
Pliers 1
Needle nose pliers 1
Tyre lever set 1
Pedal Spanner 2 (1 incl CRC toolkit)
14/15mm box spanner 1
Screwdrivers- Philips No.2,  Philips No.1, Flat 6mm, Flat 3mm 1 each (All Except 6mm incl in CRC toolkit)
Spoke Key 1 (1 incl CRC toolkit)
Headset Spanners 30mm, 32mm, 36mm 1 each
BB lockring tool 1 (1 incl CRC toolkit)
Chain checker 1(1 incl CRC toolkit)
Chain breaker Moorelarge- Super B premium 2 (1 incl CRC toolkit)
Rubber mallet Chainreaction- X-tools 1
Spares and expendables
Hairspray (for fitting grips) Cheap and cheerful 1 aerosol
Dry Chain oil Moorelarge TF2 Dry lube 2  or more
Lubricant Teflon Spray GT85 or MO94 2 aerosols
Teflon Grease Moorelarge TF2 1 pot
Bar-end plugs tbc pack of 100
Cable end caps Moorelarge 1 pot
Zip ties Amazon 2 bags
Electrical tape Amazon 2 rolls
5mm brake cable Moorelarge 1 25m roll
Inner brake cable (Mtb/ hybrid Type) Moorelarge Jagwire Basic brake cable x100 1 set
5mm brake ferrule Moorelarge 1 pot
Brake noodles front 135 degrees Moorelarge 1 bag
Brake noodle rear 90 degrees Moorelarge 1 bag
V Brake pads Moorelarge Jagwire 1 box
steel rim pads Moorelarge
calliper pads Moorelarge
Inner gear cable Moorelarge Jagwire Basic inner cable x100 1 set
4mm gear cable outer (top tip- buy diff colour from brake outer) Moorelarge Jagwire Gear Cable Outer Lex Black 5mm x 50m 1 box
4mm gear ferrules Moorelarge 1 pot
Cable accessories box (Jagwire) optional Moorelarge 1 set
Brake boots Moorelarge
Other spare to consider
Inner tubes- 20”, 24”, 26” Moorelarge- Kenda 4 of each?
Handle Bar grips standard size and grip shift specific Moorelarge ETC 4 sets of each
Tyres- 20”, 24”, 26” Moorelarge 2 of each
V Brake levers Moorelarge 3 sets
Alloy V brake callipers Moorelarge 3 sets
3rd Hand tool Moorelarge 1
Missing link removal pliers Moorelarge 1

Top Tips

1 Store equipment in a logical and modular way, so that you can pick and choose the equipment and tools that you take to a Dr Bike
2 Have a small stock of extra expendables and keep this topped up
3 Only buy equipment that you know how to use!
4 Build your kit as you gain experience of tools and methods

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