6. What you need for a Smoothie Bike/Bike Breakfast


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Smoothie Bike

Item Details Quantity
Smoothie bike 1
Turbo Trainer 1
Smoothie maker 1 or 2
Fruit Fresh/frozen/tinned soft fruit (berries, bananas, oranges/lemons, peaches, pineapple etc) See recipes
Water From tap or big bottle (2 or 5L)
Milk 1L or more- optional
Oats optional
Honey For sweetening
Beetroot optional
Cocoa optional
Spoons For adding ingredients
Spare jugs For distributing and excess smoothie 2+
Cones For cordoning off space around bike
Sturdy plastic cups Consider buying if not available at school 30
Printout of Eatwell guide, A3 or A4, laminate if possible Eatwell guide pdf

Bike Breakfast (for 70+ pupils/parents)- items in bold for easy clean-up

Item Details Quantity
Cereal Bars   4 boxes
Jam Strawberry, raspberry (squeeze bottles if necessary) 3 bottles
Honey Jars or squeeze bottles 2+
Easy spread butter   2 packs
Croissants Cut and buttered Mini-pack of 12 x 7
Bread/Bagels For toasting/plain. Wholegrain/white 3 loaves
Apples Cut into potions 24
Bananas Cut into portions 30
Berries Frozen, defrosted for yoghurt 2
Yoghurt 1L pots 2
Cereal Bran flakes/muesli/Weetabix (avoid cereals high in sugar) 4x big boxes
Milk For cereal 2L
Apple/Orange juice cartons 4 of each
Napkins If necessary- or toilets if nearby X100 pack
Allergy Awareness Cards    
Newsletter/Info/Maps/business cards For handing out to parents/pupils attending  
Printout of Eatwell guide, laminate if possible https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/528193/Eatwell_guide_colour.pdf  

Top Tips

1 Ask local supermarkets to donate food. See info here
2 Ask if the school will provide catering on your behalf for an active travel breakfast
3 Ask the school if they have cups and bowls that can be used instead of disposable- consider buying cups and bowls/plates if not.
4 Organise for the bike crew to help with setting out, running and tidying up
5 Prep beforehand is crucial. A balance of minimising waste vs prep time.
6 Get estimated attendee numbers in advance (pupils return slips if attending)

Helpful Links

Ingredients & info are in the lesson plan
Ingredients & info are in the lesson plan