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Funded by Transport Scotland, and run in partnership with local authorities across Scotland, I Bike aims to create a culture of walking, cycling and scooting in schools.

By giving children and young people the skills and confidence to walk, scoot and cycle to school and beyond the programme promotes a safer, happier and healthier school community.

Our Officers work with schools to provide a programme of classroom and outdoor sessions aimed at increasing the number of students traveling actively to school each day.

As well as reducing congestion and creating a safer school environment encouraging active travel increases physical activity on the school journey and in curriculum time.

Please see our I Bike Local Authorities Leaflet for full details. Click the picture on the right to open.

I Bike Local Authorities

Embeds active travel within Schools

“Our I Bike Officer has helped schools take up cycling or scooting sessions and show them how easy it is to take forward themselves. It has tied so well into the CFE that year 2 schools have managed to keep going with the project because they feel it is worthwhile and meets their aims as much as ours which is key.”

Joanna Stewart, Strategy Development Officer Aberdeenshire Council

Enhances Community engagement in active travel

“Over the years the I Bike Officers have provided a valuable link between the schools and the local community. The I Bike Officer is now an established part of the P&K team and we could not do without an Officer who makes the connection between the Traffic & Road Network team at the Council and the schools. Any authority that does not have an I Bike Officer is missing out on a valuable asset.”

Brian Cargill, Senior Engineer Perth and Kinross Council

Tackles the school run and parking issues

“Exceptionally good resource tackling the many issues surrounding low levels of physical activity, issues with parking around schools, issues with low level of active travel.”

Michelle Kirkbright, Community Regeneration Officer West Lothian Council

Covid-Adapted School Travel Planning

Managing a safe return to school presents challenges for Local Authorities and schools.

For pick-up and drop-off, schools may need to effectively manage timings (perhaps staggering arrival and departure) and space (at the school and in the roads around the school). 

Many families have been enjoying walking, running, scooting and cycling as part of their daily exercise. It’s a great opportunity to keep this going when schools go back. Parked cars and traffic around the school makes it difficult to safely maintain distance. Instead, space can be used to create active travel corridors. 

Our surveys show that pupils would prefer to travel actively if they were given the choice. Children arrive at school fresh and ready to learn. The streets around schools are safer with less congestion. It’s healthy for us all and it’s also good for the planet (and doesn’t create air pollution around the school).

The Sustrans I Bike team has developed a draft COVID Adapted School Travel Measure document. Please get in touch if you need any guidance or assistance ibike@sustrans.org.uk. Click on the image below to view the document.