School Staff


Sustrans Scotland’s I Bike programme is a way for schools to be supported to achieve aims they already have, rather than as additional work. Activities should be used to target specific curriculum areas and integrate with a school’s development plan.

The programme provides lots of support to school staff to help pupils become healthier and more active. As well as access to equipment such as bikes, scooters and helmets, our Officers have:

  • Local knowledge of safe walking and cycling routes
  • Contacts at other schools and in the community
  • Experience of delivering indoor and outdoor activities and lessons
  • A network of local, trained volunteers and parents to provide extra support.


Update March 2021

In line with the latest Scottish Government Guidance and schools current operation, The I Bike Team are engaging with schools remotely providing a range of support and online resources. We are actively planning our return to in-person activities. 

You can access some of our remote learning resources here or contact the team at or your local I Bike Officer for any specific support or resource requests during this period.

We will keep schools updated with our procedures following any changes in current guidance.  Our updated Safe Operating Procedures outline the measured we take during all activities.


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