I Bike Crew

jumping kid graphicWelcome to I Bike Crew!

On this page, we have some information that will help you choose what your I Bike Crew will do and then plan how to get started!

To start, one bike crew shares a few ideas on how they work in their school……

Cartoon of a boy on a bikeWe have an I Bike Crew Manual and an I Bike Crew Workbook to help you decide what you’d like to do. Your teacher should have some paper copies for you. 

You can use this Bike Crew Job Description to help you get more members for your I Bike Crew.

In the I Bike Crew Workbook, you can colour it in and add lots of your own ideas!

You can open your own copy of our I Bike Crew Guide or our I Bike Crew Workbook or click on the flipbooks below to take a sneaky peek…