Bling Your Bike

Children decorate their bikes, scooters and shoes around a chosen theme such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter or a class learning topic.

It’s a great fun event where pupils can let their imagination run wild!

Decorations can be done at home or as part of the school day. Pupils could also decorate a poster.

How Can Pupils Help?

Pupils can design posters to advertise the event. They can pick the theme for decorating. Some schools use the Bike Crew to judge and give out prizes for the best decoration.


The downloads opposite include:

  • A letter to parents for a Bling at home approach – this can be scooters & shoes as well as bikes!
  • Bling your Bike posters, for decorating within school. This has lots of inclusive bikes for people with different needs and some teacher’s notes on how to run this. This is taken from Sustrans Bike to School Week resources.
  • Certificate for Christmas Bling Your Bike for you to update and customise.