Dr Bike

A Dr. Bike event invites pupils to bring their bikes into school for a free safety check.  Bikes are checked by an I Bike Officer with help from volunteers. Simple faults are fixed whilst more complex faults are identified for parents to have fixed at a bike shop.

Training Available

Anyone interested in bike maintenance or Velotech trained can assist. If you are unqualified you can help with:

  • Safety checking bikes
  • Triaging the bikes for the qualified staff member to fix
  • Inflating tyres

If you have Bronze Velotech qualification (or equivalent) you can also:

  • Make minor alterations to bikes, e.g. tightening handlebars, tightening brakes
  • Complete Dr Bike records (a paper record for children to take home)

If you have Silver or Gold Velotech qualification (or equivalent) you can also

  • Make moderate alterations e.g. changing brake cables

To request training please contact IBike@sustrans.org.uk

How can pupils help?

Pupils can be shown how to carry to check and inflate tyres. Members of Bike Crews and Active Travel Forums can ask pupils to unlock bikes or come in small groups to M-Check their own bikes.


The downloads opposite have

  • Lesson plan which steps through the equipment & planning needed
  • A letter to send to parents before a Dr. Bike
  • Example risk assessment – if your school is running a Dr. Bike without I Bike staff, please make sure you have a risk assessment which complies with the local authority requirements
  • COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) datasheets for common substances used in this session. These give guidance on any precautions that should be taken when handling
  • A Dr. Bike Guidance Booklet
  • A Pre Delivery Inspection Checklist (PDI) for use when building new bikes