Golden Ticket

An easy incentive scheme to get pupils regularly walking, cycling or scooting to school, where a ticket is randomly attached to a child’s bike or scooter during the day.

This can be done by the School Champion or Bike Crew (with attention to fairness).

The chosen bike owner then exchanges the ticket for a prize at the end of the day/week/term. Students continue to cycle throughout the competition in the hope of being chosen.

How Can Pupils Help?

Involve the Bike Crew to design or display posters and promote in an Assembly.

Golden Ticket events can be run over a week, term or whole year.  Golden Lock can be run on a certain day of the week for the year or a term e.g. Wheely Wednesdays!


The downloads opposite include:

  • Poster template which can be customised for your school
  • Golden ticket: a laminated card or ticket to attach to a winning bike