Learn to Ride Club

These sessions are designed to teach non-riders how to take their first steps in pedaling solo. This can be delivered as a one-off session with parents and children. It can also be delivered over a number of weeks.

We have some handy video guides teaching riding without stabilisers and practicing without pedals.


No training is required. We would recommend shadowing an I Bike Officer to pick up some great tips.

How can pupils help?

Senior pupils can help at learn to ride clubs. For example, P7s or Secondary school pupils helping run these sessions. Speak to your I Bike Officer to arrange this.


The downloads opposite include:

  • Lesson plan which steps through the equipment and the planning needed
  • A letter to send to parents for a learn to ride club
  • An example risk assessment. If your school is running this session without I Bike staff, please make sure you have a risk assessment which complies with the local authority requirements