Led Ride

Led bike rides can often incorporate some other learning topics. There are endless possibilities to fit with different curriculum areas. From rides to Roman Forts to Bike Orienteering and John Muir Awards.┬áSimply tell us your target topics and we’ll find a way to fit a ride in!

Watch a video to find out more about I Bike led rides.

Help on led rides

Assistance is needed to provide enough trained adults to take a full class out on a led ride.

The required Sustrans ratio is 1 trained adult to 8 children.

To assist on a led ride we recommend Cycle Ride Leader training. This is a one-day Cycling Scotland Course that teaches the skills to manage a group on a led ride. To arrange this training please contact your I Bike Volunteer Coordinator. Background information can be found here: Cycling Scotland, Cycle Ride Leader Course

Equipment for a led ride


The downloads opposite include:

  • A letter to send to parents for the led ride
  • An example risk assessment. If your school is running this session without I Bike staff, please make sure you have a risk assessment which complies with the local authority requirements
  • A lesson plan outlining the equipment and planning needed