Led Scoot

Led scoots can often incorporate another learning topic. For example, a scooter ride was recently used to explore a local area and find different house types. This was tailored to a P3 topic on dwellings.

Scooting can be a flexible way to take a full class out and scooters are sometimes easier for schools to buy and maintain compared to bikes.

Help on a Led Scoot

Assistance is needed for a led scoot so there are enough trained adults to take a full class out.

To assist on a led scoot we recommend you complete Cycle Ride Leader or Walk Leader training but it’s not essential.


The downloads opposite include:

  • A letter to send to parents for the led scoot
  • An example risk assessment. If your school is running this session without I Bike staff, please make sure you have a risk assessment which complies with the local authority requirements
  • A lesson plan which runs through the equipment and planning needed