Leg it to Lapland!

We’re challenging you and your school this winter to ‘Leg it to Lapland!’ Are you up for the challenge of walking, scooting or cycling the 2400 miles from Scotland to Santa in Lapland before Christmas day?!

This years ‘Leg it to Lapland’ winter active travel challenge starts on Monday December 6th and runs for 1 week until Friday December 10th.

During the week long challenge you can earn virtual miles by walking, cycling and scooting to school. Ditch the car this winter and get active!

Extra miles can also be earned by taking part in other types exercise- both as part of the school day or at home. How will you and your class choose to earn your virtual miles- dancing? Karate? Football?

You will be racing other schools across Scotland to try and reach Lapland in time. Prizes will be available for the winning school which has the highest average number of active miles per pupil throughout the Leg it to Lapland challenge week. Individual prizes will also be available for one individual pupil per class who goes the extra mile, quite literally, in helping their school reach Lapland in time!

How do you take part?

Download one  ‘Leg it to Lapland’ passport per child to help them total up the amount of virtual miles they have achieved. Classroom teachers will have a Class Recording Chart to document the daily miles recorded in the children’s passports and any other group activities undertaken i.e 30 mins of PE with 30 pupils= 30 miles (30mins of exercise = 1 mile per person)

Look at our Leg it to Lapland teachers guide for more detailed information.


  1. Leg it to Lapland passport – 1 needed for each pupil
  2. Class Recording Sheet – 1 needed per class
  3. Quick teacher’s guide – a short explanation of key points