Leg it to Lapland!

All of the fossil fuels have run out, but Father Christmas still needs help getting the presents ready. Each school will try to walk, scoot or cycle the 2400* miles from school to Lapland in order to help Santa and his reindeers prepare for Christmas.      (* 2400 miles is arbitrary as the figures will be adjusted according to school size)

  • The aim is to get as many active journeys recorded in one week
  • Each journey to school counts as one virtual mile to Lapland
  • Children will mark their own ‘miles’ in their individual passports.
  • Use the Class Recording Chart provided to document all the ‘miles’ made by your class daily- The Class Recording chart is the most important thing to keep updated as we will use these to total the miles traveled towards Lapland!
  • Group activities can be used to top up the miles and are also recorded on the Class recording sheet (every 15 minutes of exercise counts as 1 virtual mile per person towards Lapland)
  • At the end of the challenge, all the miles will be counted. There will be prizes for the class who got the most virtual miles and also for the school who got the closest to Lapland!
  • Each day a pupil walks, rides or scoots to school they can fill out a ticket from their passport, tear it off and give it to their teacher to enter a prize draw.


  1. Leg it to Lapland passport – 1 needed for each pupil
  2. Class Recording Sheet – 1 needed per class
  3. Leg it to Lapland Presentation – to be used throughout the school to explain the details of the challenge
  4. Quick teacher’s guide – a short explanation of key points