Puncture repair

Teach young people how to repair a punctured inner tube.

This a very flexible lesson that uses demonstration and hands-on practice. It can be adapted to most age groups and all abilities.

No training is required. Just some experience of repairing a puncture!

How Can Pupils Help?

Pupils can help run this session if they already know how to fix a puncture. They can make sure that the groups have all the equipment they need during the lesson.


The downloads opposite include:

  • COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) datasheets for common substances used in this session. These give guidance on any precautions that should be taken when handling these
  • An example risk assessment. If your school is running this session without I Bike staff, please make sure you have a risk assessment which complies with the local authority requirements
  • A lesson plan which steps through the equipment and planning needed