School Staff & Champion Training

What do you need to know?

School Staff and in particular our network of champions are an essential component in the delivery of I Bike and its long term legacy.

A key benefit of the project is the ability to offer a variety of training opportunities which support and promote learning within each school setting.

This is often coordinated by the local Volunteer Project Officer.

Further details of the training options for champions can be found here.

Training Costs

Many of our training opportunities are offered Free of Charge to our Champions. Some courses (e.g. Velotech) may only be available to certain champions who can demonstrate a positive return on our investment and who have shown consistent support to the project over a set duration.

In most cases, the costs for Champion training will be covered by a centrally administered budget, coordinated by the volunteering team. In some circumstances costs for Champion training may have to be covered by a local project budget.


Top 5 Tips

1 Speak to local Volunteer project officers and Line Managers when considering School Champion training opportunities.
2 Keep an eye on the Training Calendar to identify upcoming opportunities
3 Utilise I Bike Officers & other staff qualifications to support delivery of CTA courses to champions.



Helpful Links

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Training Calendar All training opportunities are listed here TeamUp
Pupils and I Bike officers at school street closures at Milngavie Primary School