School Streets

At drop-off and pick-up times, streets around schools are often dominated by idling cars and speeding traffic. This results in air pollution and an environment that is generally unpleasant for walking and cycling.

Sustrans’ School Streets is a test programme which temporarily closes roads outside school gates at the start and end of each day. It aims to ease the congestion, poor air quality and road safety concerns experienced by many schools.

For the road closures, the programme measures the impact of the quieter streets and shares findings with schools to encourage more regular street closures and inspire other schools to try this approach.

Ultimately, we want to affect a permanent change in the way children travel to school.

Find out more about the programme. This event is needs co-ordination between the Local Authority and other partners. Please get in touch with your I Bike Officer if you would like to plan one of these events.


The downloads opposite include:

  • An example risk assessment. If your school is running this session without I Bike staff, please make sure you have a risk assessment which complies with the local authority requirements.
  • A flyer for sharing information with parents
  • A letter to parents and residents
  • A lesson plan which runs through the equipment and planning needed.