Scooter ‘L’ Check

Scooting is a brilliant way for anyone of any age to get about. It’s really fun, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. So let’s get scooting!

Before using a scooter, make sure it’s safe to ride by using the ‘L’ Check.

Start at the top of the ‘L’ and work your way down and then along. The YouTube guide shows you an ‘L’ Check and some basic riding skills. Happy Scooting!

How can pupils help?

Pupils can be shown how to carry out these checks so that they can complete them on their own. Members of Bike Crews and Active Travel Forums can become experts who check other pupils’ scooters.

Watch this video on how to carry out an ‘L’ Check –


The downloads opposite have an ‘L’ Check and guide that can be used alongside the video above. They include:

  • Details of how to safety check you scooter
  • A guide to help you promote scooting within your school