Sports Young Leader Award

The Sports Young Leader Award is a Secondary School award programme open for students aged 11+ set. Pupils achieve the award by taking part in 6-10 hours of leadership tutoring in a physical education environment. Pupils can gain a recognised award while developing their interpersonal skills, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills.

What is the purpose of the award?

To introduce participants to the different aspects of leadership. To provide leaders with useful resources to enable them to assist with others within sport. To build links with local clubs/groups to allow leaders to benefit from the environment and the clubs to benefit from extra sports leaders.

How can I Bike help pupils to achieve the award?

I Bike officers can become Sports Leaders tutors and deliver the training to secondary school pupils in a biking/walking environment. Types of sessions can include cycling skills/coaching where Sports Leaders participants develop the skills to assist younger/less able bike riders to improve their skills and confidence. Opportunity for pupils to support sessions in feeder primary schools.


Young Sports Leaders at Bathgate Academy

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