welcome session

During an I Bike Volunteer Welcome Session we share some information on I Bike, chat about your role as an I Bike volunteer, plus look at some volunteering guidance and procedures. We also outline the training available and book in a taster session if possible.  This page summarises this info so that it can be referred to at any time.

  1. Welcome to Sustrans  – meet our Chief Executive, Xavier Brice
  2. Find out what Sustrans got up to in 2021 via this video – youtube
  3. Find out more about Sustrans Volunteering on VolunteerNet
  4. Introduction to your local I Bike project
  5. I Bike Programme – Outline I Bike Approach
  6. Volunteer Training Overview
    • online Safeguarding & Child Protection training must be completed before starting
    • See Training Page
    • do you have any relevant training already?
  7. Volunteer Guidance (Downloads)
    • Volunteer Handbook (NB P.13 – you DON’T need to record your hours on VolunteerNet)
    • Volunteer Expenses Guidance
    • Safeguarding Guidance
    • Covid-19 Guidance
  8. Volunteering Opportunities – Team Up Calendar
    • I Bike Activities  – Use this link to see all planned activities. We will send you the password.
    • App available
    • Do you want to sign up to receiving an email from Team Up when there are new activities added to the calendar?
  9. Next steps
    • Look at possible date for a taster session
    • Read through the guidance
    • Complete PVG – our HR colleague will be in touch
    • Complete Educare Child Protection course – look out for an email from ‘Tes Develop Customer Services’
    • Would you like to be on the WhatsApp group?
  10. We will send you
    • your volunteer number
    • A photo consent form if you’re happy to complete this
    • log in details to Team up Calendar
    • log in details to this I Bike website
    • log in details to VolunteerNet (this comes from one of our colleagues)