welcome session

During an I Bike Volunteer Welcome Session we share some information on I Bike background, policies & procedures. We also outline the training available and like to book in a taster session.  This page summarises this info so that it can be referred to at any time.

  1. Welcome Session & Essential Guide to Volunteering
  2. Local Introduction
  3. I Bike Programme – Outline I Bike Approach
  4. Volunteer Training Overview
    • NSPCC Safeguarding training must be completed before starting
    • See Training Page
  5. Volunteer Policy and Procedures (Downloads on the right of this page)
  6. Team up
    • Training  – This shows all the planned training across Scotland
    • I Bike Activities  – Use this link to see all planned activities
    • App available
  7. Documents to complete & return (Download on the right of this page)
    • I Bike Volunteer Agreement
    • Expenses Payment Set-up form
    • PVG (now email application process)
    • NOTE – Volunteers must update Disclosure Scotland when address or personal information changes
    • Covid-19 Guidance for I Bike Volunteers
  8. Agree on Communication preferences – E-mail, What’s App, Team up automatic updates
  9. Plan first steps
    • When will NSPCC safeguarding training be complete?
    • What taster session would you like to aim for?
  10. Anything else?