Reaching People


Reaching out to parents and carers to tell them about I Bike is critical. They are so influential on the pupils travel habits so their support is invaluable.

  • Without their support we will find it hard to make any switch towards active travel
  • Pupils need their help and permission to participate in activities and events
  • They are a valuable source of helpers and can become trained volunteers

We have a whole range of materials for schools to share with parents, including leaflets and YouTube guides.

Please let your I Bike Officer know what would work best.

We can come to events in the school to help promote parental participation and spread the word!

Social Media

Social media is a vital way to share with wider audiences about school and I Bike activities. Please tag your I Bike Officer’s Twitter handle in the official school posts. This gives them the chance to share and keep more people up to date with the activities! If you don’t already have it, twitter details can be found on our team page by clicking on your area and finding your officer.   

Social media can also be used to appeal for volunteers and helpers to assist with activities.

I Bike offers free training for people who volunteer. We have materials prepared to help schools find willing volunteers. The I Bike team take care of everything once a potential volunteer gets in touch. 


Starting school, be it primary or secondary school, is a crucial time for forming life long, healthy habits.

Providing some prompts or information at the time when children are starting P1 and S1 can be very effective in helping shape active travel habits.

Lessons such as the Journey Mapping and Transition Planning sessions, or local led rides or walks will help to encourage pupils to think about the way they travel to school each day.