School Champions

Who makes a good Champion?

Ideally the person should:

  • Have enthusiasm for I Bike. They should believe in the importance of increasing active and sustainable travel in their school community and be able and willing to get this message across to pupils, students, staff and parents.

  • Have access to the school diary and be able to make bookings. They should also have access to timetables and staff in order to book in classroom sessions.

  • Be willing to commit enough time to the project.

  • Believe that walking, cycling and scooting is a safe, fun and convenient way to travel

Who doesn’t make a good School Champion?

  • People who are always too busy! Headteachers may fall into this category. However, working with senior people in school gives importance to the project.

  • People who do not have easy access to the school diary and timetable. Many parents fall into this category, but again there are officers who have had excellent parent-champions.

  • People who never return calls, emails, letters etc. Anyone can fall into this category!¬†


What are the Champion’s responsibilities?

In addition to the above qualities, a Champions should:

  • Meet with their I Bike Officer at least once every term. This is to review progress and plan for the next term
  • Collect and complete surveys
  • Reply to communication¬†
  • Carry out actions as requested and agreed. This includes booking in dates, putting up posters for events,¬† and disseminating information to parents and pupils as required