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I Bike Communities Aberdeen City

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I Bike Communities Aberdeen is a project that engages, enables, and motivates participants to increase their levels of active travel and physical activity, thereby improving health and wellbeing. It focuses on adults' cycling skills and other modes of active travel alongside offering professionally organised and led activities. The project is working alongside the I Bike project; a schools based project that works with children to encourage greater enthusiasm and uptake of cycling in the city (I Bike – Promoting Healthy Travel Choices in Education ( 

Why choose sustainable travel? 

There are many reasons why to choose sustainable travel; 

  • It is good for your physical and mental health 
  • It is good for the environment (lowers CO2 emissions) 
  • It is a good way to meet new people and connect with the community 
  • It is much cheaper than using a car 
  • You see the city from a different perspective and explore new places 
  • With a wide range of active transport options, you can easily find the one for you 

For more benefits on why is cycling and walking good for you see Health benefits of cycling and walking - 

Activities provided 

The project is focused on parents, guardians, carers, teachers and community groups and members in Aberdeen city. It provides activities such as (but not limited to): 

  • Led Rides (group rides led by a trained cycle leader) 
  • Adult Cycle Training (group training, single-gender groups e.g. women-only group, or 1:1) which will teach you: 
    • How to ride a bike (for all skill levels including absolute beginners) 
    • How to get back to cycling after a long break 
    • How to get confident on the road and in traffic (road awareness skills) 
    • Family rides skills
    • How to find and plan cycling route (including using Google Maps and other apps, and how to find local cycling paths) 
  • Led Walks (for all fitness levels, exploring local routes in Aberdeen) 
  • Bike Maintenance 
    • How to keep the bike healthy and safe to ride 
    • How to get your old bike from the shed back on the road 
    • How to do basic bike repairs (such as fixing a puncture, changing a gear cable, fixing faulty brakes etc.)

Get in touch with the I Bike Communities officer! 

The project is led by a trained officer Tim, who is a cycle ride leader and cycle trainer (Cycling Scotland), Outdoor First Aid (First Aid Training Co-operative) and Velotech Gold (nationally recognised bike mechanics qualification). 

Call Tim for further info 07926 074003, or email

Further information and useful resources 

Bike Rescue! | Get that bike out from the back of the shed 

How to choose the right bike for you 

Why considering CO2 emissions has led me to fall in love with cycling all over again: Lizzie’s story - 

Community bike hub gave me the confidence to cycle with my kids 

Active travel is vital for ageing better - 


Our Partners

Funded by Transport Scotland, and run in partnership with local authorities across Scotland, I Bike aims to create a culture of walking, cycling and scooting in your school, promoting a safer, happier and healthier school community.
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