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School Staff


Sustrans Scotland’s I Bike programme is a way for schools to be supported to achieve aims they already have, rather than as additional work. Activities should be used to target specific curriculum areas and integrate with a school’s development plan.

The programme provides lots of support to school staff to help pupils become healthier and more active. As well as access to equipment such as bikes, scooters and helmets, our Officers have:

  • Local knowledge of safe walking and cycling routes
  • Contacts at other schools and in the community
  • Experience of delivering indoor and outdoor activities and lessons
  • A network of local, trained volunteers and parents to provide extra support.

How can you help?

Be a School Champion

School Champions are the link between schools and our I Bike Officers. And with our help, they support the delivery of I Bike in the school.

This includes helping organise training, planning sessions at school for pupils, staff and volunteers.
Champions can be any member of school staff and are nominated by the school. Ideally, they are someone who:

  • Is keen to do the role
  • Has access to allocate time in the school calendar
  • Has time to attend a few key planning meetings and to support the Bike Crew or Active Travel Forum

Many of the training courses on offer are recognised courses that meet Continuous Professional Development guidelines.

Use the lesson resources

Many I Bike events are classroom-based and can be adapted to fit specific areas of the curriculum for excellence and are easy to incorporate into class teaching.

We have provided access to these resources in the main section.

Attend some training for practical sessions

Do you want to support I Bike, but are unable to become a School Champion?

You can still take part in training or delivering sessions such as Bikeability or led rides.

You don’t have to train or deliver every kind of activity. Just choose the areas you’re most interested in and fit best with your available time.

Be a role model

Can you walk, cycle or scoot to be a positive role model? Even parking further away and walking to school can be a great option if it’s not possible to leave the car at home.

Access full I Bike resources

This section of the website is open access to everyone. To get access to I Bike specific resources you need to create an account using the instructions provided by your School Champion. Please get in touch with your school champion or email

Our Partners

Funded by Transport Scotland, and run in partnership with local authorities across Scotland, I Bike aims to create a culture of walking, cycling and scooting in your school, promoting a safer, happier and healthier school community.
Sustrans Join the Movement I Bike Logo
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