6. End of term reports


End of term reports are to be completed 3 times a year- Jan (to cover  activities/ delivery Term 1 -Aug-December), April (to cover Term two January- April) and July (to cover Term three April- July).

These reports aim to showcase all of the great work carried out in each area over the term and can be shared  internally within Sustrans and with external partners including LAs.

  1. When writing your end of term reports use the sway template found here to guide you : https://sway.office.com/HGZJdwIiCNu7H4X2?ref=Link
  2. Some sections of this sway template will be filled out for you by IBMT/volunteers team:
    1. Summary of Term Activities Pie chart- This is made up using data from BID. Please ensure your BID is up to date to allow for this pie chart to reflect what you have been doing (IBMT- instruction on how to make these tables can be found in one of the previous years dashboard files- S:\Behaviour Change\2. Programmes\I Bike\Marketing, communications and events\Promotion and Marketing\Newsletters & EOT Reports\End of Term Reports\2021-22 Reports\Term 1)
    2. Summary of Activities at each School- This table will be made for you and inserted into your report from BID. Please ensure your BID is up to date.
    3. IBike wide good news stories- often we have highlights/good news stories which have been shared by multiple areas i.e. COP26 live lessons, Leg it to Lapland challenge- these stories will be written for you and inserted into your report once you have written it.
  3. IMPORTANT- Do not edit this template above directly but instead make a duplicate of this template and edit that version. You can do that by clicking the three dots at the top of the sway and selecting ‘duplicate this sway’. Otherwise, you are at risk of overwriting other people’s work- thanks!
  4. You can access all the sways you have made/edited/viewed by visiting your sway homepage at https://sway.office.com/my . You can also visit this page to start and make new sways.
  5. Once you have finished your end of term report can you please share the editable link with IBMT by emailing IBike@sustrans.org.uk . You can find this link by clicking ‘Share’ at the top of the screen. Make sure to select the ‘invite people to edit’ option before copying and pasting the link into an email to IBike@sustrans.org.uk . We shall then be able to add the relevant pie charts/summary tables etc into your report.


Just some examples to inspire you!
For sharing with officers and for officers to send out to contacts