8. Hiring Vehicles


We try to minimise the use of cars & vans but it is inevitable that these will be needed to move equipment sometimes. The info here summarises this for I Bike. The company-wide guidance is all on Susnet and is linked below.

Note – van access to the car park at Edinburgh HUB is limited to Size 2 van – e.g. Transit Custom low roof. The loading bay does not have this limitation. Please contact IBMT or Central Services Team for guidance.

What do you need to know?

There are a couple of steps to complete when hiring a van.

  • Ensure you have reviewed  ‘Driving for Sustrans’ on Susnet
  • Complete Cascade section on VEHICLES prior to any hire commencing. (Cascade, My Record, select Vehicles on the drop-down menu)

We have corporate accounts with Enterprise and Northgate. Local hire can be used however this would not come under Sustrans Insurance or invoicing so may incur higher fees compared to our negotiated rates with the above suppliers. You will also need to provide an explanation/rationale why one of our preferred suppliers could not be used before the booking is made.

From experience, the Enterprise Account is the easiest to deal with and you can either go into a local branch or call them, tell them what you need and you should be good to go.

Sustrans Account Details

All should be on Company Insurance, and shouldn’t require any payment from you on the day of hire etc. The invoice will be sent to you for approval by Finance when it is received.

REMEMBER to email Pam Valentine before you pick up the vehicle so she can ensure the insurance cover is active. Details needed by Pam are summarised in Susnet  (Include: Make/Model of vehicle, Duration of Hire dates/times, drivers and name of hire provider)

Enterprise: Acct. No. 5UC0137. Booking line: 0800 800 227

Northgate: Account No. C011516 . https://www.northgatevehiclehire.co.uk/ Branches are in Aberdeen, Broxburn, Stirling, and Glasgow.

All hire fees will be coded to 10046, expect about £30 p/day for a V2 Van (Transit Custom). Fuel would be charged to your purchase card using 10046 budget code. See Project & Capital Budgets for more info

Hiring From Other Providers

It is possible to hire from other companies rather than just one we have accounts with. This can be paid on your Lloyds card. You will nee to take their insurance as we only cover insurance with our account companies.

Top Tips

1 Don’t forget to email Pam Valentine with your hire details before you make your trip
2 Spend time checking the vehicle inside & out before you start driving. Take pictures of damage found
3 You might not always get the type of vehicle you asked for. Take time to get familiar and comfortable before you drive
4 Take enough bungee cords/ straps to secure your load

Helpful Links

Susnet page that gives guidance on Sustrans' Insurance policy and procedures. This includes the information needed by Pam Valentine before vehicles are collected.